Starting Over

Previously On…

Existence merely for the sake of existence. That is why I had a blog. I didn’t have anything to say, so I said anything about nearly everything. Over time, my random, hot-topic style—if it could be classified as such—led me astray of anything I wanted this space to become. My output waned, or morphed to 140 characters or less. This place lost it’s purpose, and I lost an outlet for something I had yet to fully understand or undertake.

In the end, I was writing more about the trials and tribulations of the daily grind instead of writing about what I needed to create and how I wanted to create it. And while I rather enjoy broadcasting the first song ever dedicated to my wife, my stomach contents from the “meal” I had at the Pacers game, or the darnedest thing my kid just blurted out, that’s not what I want from this space. Those areas of my life work better in outlets specifically designed for sharing and connecting with family and friends.

I suppose one could consider this to be a marking of territory. This virtual space is for this; that virtual space is for that. Which virtual space is this?


What lies ahead…

Over the past year or so, I’ve gone to great lengths to improve in my two largest and most important capacities: husband and father. It’s very e/n and I won’t step through it here, but progress is being and has been made. And now I wish to apply those concepts of improvement to my personal goals and hobbies.

This is all about being better. There are things I’ve started but don’t feel that I’ve actually achieved. There are things I’ve loved to do since I first learned of them, but stopped for lack of time or lack of commitment. Haphazardly jumping from hobby to hobby did not suit me, so I’m setting out to find a more constructive way. I’m going to reference Merlin Mann again, because I have a bit of a man-crush on him.

“I aspire to different kinds of things. I’m definitely all over the map. I’m kind of desperately always trying different things to try and figure out if is this is the thing I want to do.”
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That quite succinctly describes me and my behavior. But I think there are too many wonderful activities out there to limit myself, obsessively, to a single hobby. I would be quite happy to be a dilettante of many things and master of none.


The List…

To facilitate this attempt at amateurishness, I’ve adopted—or bastardized—an idea from my wife: the 40 x 40 list. As of this writing, I am 33. My immediate goal is to create a list of 40 things that I would like to have done by the time I’m 40. That’s March 30th, 2016, for those keeping score. Most, if not all, of these items will be quite lofty and I do not expect I shall finish them all. The attempt, I believe, is the important part.

The contents of my list are diverse, but the items I consider most important come from the realm of creation. I wish to make many and various things. And what I want this site to be is the gallery for those many and various things.

However, since this is the beginning, this virtual space will mostly be a chronicling of adventures through my 40 x 40 list. As time progresses, since it inevitably does, I hope to see this place transform into a world of things I have created, which will hopefully be worth a small fraction of someone’s attention, even if it is only my own.