The Heavy Burden

I am a fat fuck.

Well, maybe I’m not as much of a fat fuck as I used to be. But, I’m still fat. Something really needs to be done.


Oh, look! It just so happens that wifey and I share a 40×40 goal. We both want to get down into our ideal weight range. Mine being 185lbs or less.1 Her’s not being that much.

When I shared the story with a friend of how Heather was applying to be a Mamavation mom and that I was playing along with the “at home” version, it didn’t seem to come as a surprise. I was told that I had always seemed to be a very supportive person, and to an extent, that’s true. Heather even pointed that out her her application video. I want her to be happy, and if that means eating Reese’s and drinking Sunkist, I’ll support and/or enable her. But on the other hand, I need and want to do this too. So when she outlined her plans, I jumped on the bandwagon like the opportunistic douchebag that I am.

And while I’m not immediately concerned with weight-loss, I do suspect it will be a pleasant side-effect of trying to live a little healthier. And that seems to be the goal that Heather (as well as the folks over at Mamavation) are trying to accomplish.

So we’re doing this thing together. And it hurts. Not so much in the good way.


1 I haven’t been in that range since high school, when I was in both gym and weight training and far more capable of kicking your Dad’s ass.

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