The ‘K’ Alphabet Date: King for a Day

So, our K alphabet date was coined “King for a Day”. Guess who got to play the role of king? That’s right: me, baby.1 We got to do whatever I wanted for our entire date and she just had to go along with it. Them’s the rules. This apparently means we didn’t take any pictures, which becomes important later. But, I guess that’s just how I roll.

First on the list, since we had been watching a lot of iCarly with the kids I wanted a smoothie. Also, Spencer is awesome. Yelp and/or Google Maps failed us on this journey and we ended up chatting while getting lost in farmfield suburbia. So instead we meandered down towards the Carmel Arts District and started the second leg of our King’s Quest.

This was probably my favorite part of the K date. We spent a large chunk of the afternoon wandering in and out of various galleries talking about the various paintings and sculptures and chatting about whatever came to mind. There are a lot of galleries in the Arts District, oddly enough, and we didn’t get to visit them all. It seems we always have something to come back to.2

As the Arts District started to close up shop, we wandered into a music store. This is where us not taking any pictures becomes important. They had a freakin’ Star Wars guitar. Star. Wars. Guitar. It was awesome. And we didn’t take any pictures, nor did I ask to play it, because I am an idiot.

Still in awe of the Star Wars guitar, we wandered a little further and hit one of our oldest child’s favorite spots: The Simply Sweet Shoppe. Here, Heather drooled over the many and varied chocolate things while I nabbed some cherry sours and (Eureka!) a strawberry smoothie. We sat and talked some more. We do that a lot on our dates.

Turns out I don’t really like strawberry smoothies.

Dinner was Mexican. I mean, we didn’t eat a Mexican. We’re not cannibals. We ate Mexican food. White cheese and margaritas and nachos and chili rellenos. Damn this is awkward. Move along.

We rounded out our “King for a Day” with a trip to a local nerd hangout, Netheads—the Internet cafe and game center. This is probably where I lost her. They’ve got rows of PC’s and various gaming consoles and a little station where they sell drink and foodstuffs. They sell Bawls. I love that stuff. I bought two. She did not drink one.

We also played a couple games. I kicked her ass at movie trivia few times, and we called it a night.3

I don’t think you’d call the date epic or awesome or amazing or any other elevated description our generation tends to apply to things, but I would say that I had fun with my wife. And I think she had fun with me too.

That’s because I rule.



1 Not to worry. She’s gets the whole Q date later.
2 This is also quite true of our marriage.
3 Seriously, the only time it was close was at the beginning when I didn’t realize the controller had to have line of sight.

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